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Dear Festividder,

You rock. You rock hard. Thanks for making this vid, because it rocks too. I haven't seen it yet, but you're offering to make a vid for some awesome things, so that means it's going to rock.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
I'd love something that captures the essence of the whole team. My favourites are Rosa and Amy, but I'd honestly love something about the whole ensemble, particularly focusing on the sillier stuff.

LOVE Dredd. Love love love. Anderson is amazing too, but this is Dredd's movie, so I'd appreciate something that focuses on him.

Franklin and Bash
Wacky shenanigans! Crazy happy fun times! And that friendship between Franklin and Bash, sticking together through everything. Carmen and Pindar are amazing too, so anything involving those four would be fantastic. I love the teamwork and the crazy stunts the two main characters pull, so either an emphasis on this or on their friendship would be amazing.

Here's the one I'd love something deep and epic for. Something about the darkness that inhabits Gotham and the bleak nature of the show. It wouldn't have to focus on James Gordon - I don't really have a favourite character yet, so if you do, go for it.

The Flash
I love Barry Allen, so I'd want him to be the focus of the vid. With so little of the series out so far, that's all I can really ask for, but I often like my vids light in tone.

The Lego Movie
There's so much about this movie I love, from Emmet and Wildstyle to Unikitty and Batman. It's all awesome. Something fast-paced and bouncy would be amazing.

The Simpsons
My 'golden age' for the Simpsons consist of the first 14 seasons (and that feels weird to say in a Festivids letter) but what I've always loved the most is the crazy hijinks and the strong family focus. I'd be happy with a highlight reel of favourite moments.

Titan A.E.
I think this film was severely underrated, but I haven't seen very many fanvids of it at all, so anything would be wonderful. Too corny, too cheesy, too slow, none of these are possible if you're using Titan A.E.
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