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Dear Festividder!

Thanks in advance for the awesome vid you're going to make!

I'm pretty eclectic in my music tastes, so I'll probably like whatever you choose. I prefer upbeat music with a quick tempo, but I'll be happy with something slow if it suits better.

Here's some further details on my fandom requests.

Wow, Ant-Man made it in! I wasn't actually expecting this, so I didn't even have a speech prepared. I loved the heist aspect the film, so a focus on that would be cool, as well as the awesome big-to-small-to-big fight scenes.

Bodacious Space Pirates
This series was so much fun! Great action adventures with teenage space pirates! I'd love just an overall view of the series.

D.E.B.S. (Safety)
Lucy Diamond! Even though she doesn't like the attitude of Australia. Something light-hearted and fun would be amazing.

Franklin & Bash
Wacky shenanigans! Crazy happy fun times! And that friendship between Franklin and Bash, sticking together through everything. Carmen and Pindar are amazing too, so anything involving those four would be fantastic. I love the teamwork and the crazy stunts the two main characters pull, so either an emphasis on this or on their friendship would be amazing. Since the show's ended, this'll be last year I'll be requesting this.

The Librarians
Much like Leverage and Warehouse 13, I love the team aspects of the show, even more than the myth arc. There's so many cool adventures they go on (and Bruce Campbell's in it!)

I loved the comics that this was based on, and I love the adaptation - especially Deena Pilgrim! She's so bad ass. I'd love to see something really captures the gritty nastiness of the Powers universe, of what regular people have to put up with when there are superpowered people running around.

Space Dandy
He's a dandy guy - in Space. This is a show that's both wacky and zany. Anything that highlights the pure ridiculousness of Space Dandy (and his Space crew) appeals to me.

OMG I love the joy Kara has for her heroism. I think something focusing on Kara and her relationship with her sister would appeal to me.


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