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Firstly, thank you, awesome Festividder! I have no doubt you're going to deliver an amazing gift, so thank you again in advance!

Dear Festividder!

Con Man
This was such a great satire of the entertainment and convention industry. I love Wray's struggle for some attempt at success, so something that focuses on him and the ridiculousness of his life would be great.

Dark Matter
I honestly enjoy everything about this series, but especially Two and her bad-ass attitude.

DC Super Hero Girls
I'll admit to not having seen too much of this (although I've read the comics). It just looks so much fun, so something upbeat would suit it.

Dungeons and Dragons
I loved this show when it was originally on. I love the idea of the very different personality types sticking together through thick and thin. A lot of the appeal of this show for me is nostalgia, but also that they got to have fun fantastical adventures.

The gritty superhero universe with dark violence really hits a nerve with me. It's one of my favourite comic series, but I've only seen the first season (thanks Australian Playstation). That doesn't mean you should avoid the second season, since the main draw card for me is how amazing Deena Pilgrim is.

What I particularly like about Wanted is that it doesn't take itself too seriously. It's a big dumb action movie with curving bullets (and exploding rats)!


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