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Thank you for making this vid! I'm pretty laid back when it comes to what I receive, and the important part to me is that you make something that you like.

That being said, here's some suggestions if you're stuck: I usually like things that are upbeat or really play up the epicness of the source.

Galaxy Quest
While everything about this movie is fantastic, I'd really love something that shows Jason's journey from jerk to hero.

Jupiter Ascending
Chances are if you're offering this movie it's because you love it, so this is a chance to go nuts.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
Oof, my feels! Jyn and Cassian make my heart ache (well, the whole team does). This is a proper war movie, with loss and bitterness, and it'd be so cool to see a vid that draws that out.

Star Wars: Rebels
Hera and Kanan are the best parents their fractured little family could ever have. Alternatively, a vid that focused on Sabine would be greatly appreciated.

Star Trek: Alternate Original Series
If possible, I'd really like to see how Kirk, Spock, and Bones are the three aspects of the psyche, or just how great friends they become and work together as a team.

Space Dandy
He's a dandy guy - in Space. This is a show that's both wacky and zany. Anything that highlights the pure ridiculousness of Space Dandy (and his Space crew) appeals to me.
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