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Here's the rules for the Iron Man drinking game that we've been playing for New Year's Eve.

Drink once for:
- A fight scene
- Someone says 'Iron Man'
- Someone says 'Tony Stark'
- Someone dies
- Something explodes
- Somebody is watching a news report

Finish your drink:
- When Stan Lee is onscreen

Optional rules:

The Winterfell Rule
Drink every time someone says 'Stark' (WARNING: DO NOT COMBINE THIS WITH THE OTHER RULES)
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The best drinking games are those designed to get you drunk no matter what is on TV. They also have really simple rules that allow you to have the maximum number of drinks in the shortest amount of time that won't leave you dead. And so, I have created a drinking game for Mean Girls that's guaranteed to get you relatively sloshed.


Take a drink every time one of the following things happens:
The European Slang Rule - Someone says 'fetch'
The Rule For People Who Have Been Victimised By Regina George - Someone refers to one of the Plastics by their full name
On Wednesdays, This Rule Wears Pink - Somebody refers to the group as Plastics
The Katie Rule - Someone mispronounces Cady's name
The Toto Rule - Someone says 'Africa'

Optional: Drink continuously until you've forgotten Lindsay Lohan used to have a career.

The testers at Talumin Enterprises recommend using mouthfuls of cider or beer for this game. Significantly hardcore players might upgrade to cocktails or spirits.


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