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Last year I made a prediction about what the top 25 grossing films would be of 2012. It was for a super secret vidding project that I have no realised would cost lots of money and time, so it's on the backburner.

It was still a fun way to predict what pop culture would see as big this year, so here are the results from last year's predictions. I'll include what they actually ranked, and which ones I missed as well. Surprisingly, it was not many. I also used only the US box office, because apparently that's all the studios look at - yes, I'm referring to John Carter and Battleship.

Predictability )
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The best drinking games are those designed to get you drunk no matter what is on TV. They also have really simple rules that allow you to have the maximum number of drinks in the shortest amount of time that won't leave you dead. And so, I have created a drinking game for Mean Girls that's guaranteed to get you relatively sloshed.


Take a drink every time one of the following things happens:
The European Slang Rule - Someone says 'fetch'
The Rule For People Who Have Been Victimised By Regina George - Someone refers to one of the Plastics by their full name
On Wednesdays, This Rule Wears Pink - Somebody refers to the group as Plastics
The Katie Rule - Someone mispronounces Cady's name
The Toto Rule - Someone says 'Africa'

Optional: Drink continuously until you've forgotten Lindsay Lohan used to have a career.

The testers at Talumin Enterprises recommend using mouthfuls of cider or beer for this game. Significantly hardcore players might upgrade to cocktails or spirits.
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As part of a completely different and top secret project, I've been looking into what films make the most money, and along the way I've made my picks for what will be the top 25 highest grossing films of 2012. Some of these are pretty obvious, and this may change as more films are announced.

I predict a 40% chance of hilarity. )

Do you find this as fascinating as I do? You do? No wonder we're friends!
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Title: Crush the Losers
Song: 'Crush the Losers' by Regurgitator
Vidder: [livejournal.com profile] talumin
Sources: The Losers, which is owned by Warner Bros. The comic is owned by Vertigo. You should check it out.
Summary: No matter what you throw at them, they just get up, smile and keep going. And they have fun.
Format: MP4
Size: 27.7mb
Length: 3:42

Download from Mediafire

Untitled from talumin on Vimeo.


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