Sep. 7th, 2017

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Sometimes, a four hour battle session just feels epic, even if the battle itself was relatively minor.

So, as a group, we showed up at the morgue to interrogate the murder victims into what killed them. Out of game knowledge, it was probably vampires, but in-game I got a few laughs with Kaz using his greataxe as an undead detector.

Leaving the morgue, we were going to find the captain of the guard and tell him what we'd learned (and I intended to ask him to pay us to head into the sewers and find whatever has been killing people). However, we saw a bunch of people running towards a square, and they seemed excited, so we followed. When we got there, we saw a stage with three men tied to pyres and a paladin there about to set the torch. Oh yeah, turns out it was the warlock's ex-husband - the one she sold her soul to bring back from the dead, who then called her a monster and tried to kill her. Through magic and other means, we stopped him from killing the prisoners, who were actually werewolves, and it sort of turned into a brawl after that.

The ranger, cleric and gunslinger tried to sway the guards to our side. The warlock tried to angle for a good shot with a spell - the monk and I just waded in. The monk was going for the kill on Robert the Paladin, whereas I was just trying to get the guards off the monk's back - non-lethally. It was pretty awesome to take out a guard a turn, but this paladin - damn, did he have some power backing him up. Once he felled the monk, that was it, Kaz wanted to take him down.

Eventually, the warlock played her hand and the paladin spotted her and tried to kill her. After that, everyone got involved - the gunslinger nailed him with snipe shot, the cleric healed the monk and me to get us back in the fight, and with us all together, we finally killed him, the warlock laying the final blow.

We ended there and no idea what's going to happen next!


talumin: K9 from Doctor Who, with the text 'Shooty Dog Thing' (Default)

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