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Dear Festividder...

Thank you in advance for the vid you're making! I'm sure I'm going to love it no matter what. Here's what I like about the fandoms I've requested.

Chicago Fire
I love the range of characters this show has, but especially Gabriela and Shay. I'd love a general vid that shows off the overall life the characters have in the firehouse.

Lucy Diamond! Even though she doesn't like the attitude of Australia. Something light-hearted and fun would be amazing.

LOVE Dredd. Love love love. Anderson is amazing too, but this is Dredd's movie, so I'd appreciate something that focuses on him.

Dungeons and Dragons (TV)
Oh, the nostalgia of this show! So many adventures! So many feels! This is another one I'd love just an overall feel of the show, either a focus on the character relationships and how they stick together, or on the amazing adventures they just keep having.

Franklin & Bash
Wacky shenanigans! Crazy happy fun times! And that friendship between Franklin and Peter, sticking together through everything. Carmen and Pindar are amazing too, so anything involving those four would be fantastic.

From Hell
Something darker and fitting the tone of the film. I think any vid for this film would be fascinating.

Pitch Perfect
I realise this would be a little hard to vid but I love Beca and Jesse. OK, I love all the Bellas too. Even a highlights vid would rule.

Titan A.E.
Totally underrated film - I'd love anything that uses this. Too corny, too cheesy, too slow, none of these are possible if you're using Titan A.E.


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