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Things are starting to come together, and we've entered into the realm of myth and religion.

Following our slaying (Or maybe not?) of the Father of Beasts, we returned to see the elven queen. We'd been told that what we saw here might be true, or it might be wishes, or it may be how things went in a different reality. Anyway, we got some treasure (a headband that creates a beam of light from the forehead, so OBVIOUSLY Kaz took it), and were allowed to free the unicorn. This actually proved tricky, as none of us speak Unicorn. And the rogue was led on a merry chase, only to have an angel of fire appear when he got close. The dwarf saw this as his god made manifest and rushed towards it. It was a comedy of errors but also kinda frustrating because I don't think any of us had any idea of what to do. We figured it out, however, and returned the unicorn to Damian, who immediately turned into a demon and burst into ash.

It seems that the consciousness that has been guiding us was Damian's helper, and what we were seeing were the events leading up to the cataclysm called the Red Harvest, from whence the vampires came. There were some more metaphorical scenes, including one where we went COMPLETELY the wrong way and ended up dicing with Death. The rogue basically offered up all of our souls (while cheating) and I missed an AWESOME opportunity to build Kaz's character a bit more. Following that encounter, I had 8 HP and we went almost immediately into a boss battle with the god of the forge. We ended the session mid-combat, and we were told the rogue was going to be killed immediately due to the player realising the character was creating too much drama and wanted to play a more laid back character.

I'm still pretty sure Kaz is going to die next session, just because I'm tapped out of skills and healing, and going toe-to-toe with a fucking god.
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Two session post

Session 21: We finished off the Rick and Morty tower, defeating the Meeseeks that had taken over the top level. Rick had managed to turn himself into a squirrel (SQUIRREL RICK!) and we actively stopped him from changing back. Kaz was going to eat him, but turns out squirrels can still cast banishment. We made it back to town with a bunch of cursed magical items. We went to rest for the night, and the new ranger, Rook, and the rogue, Raven, got into a conflict over whether we should chase some draft dodgers.

Session 22: this was the epic 12 hour session where we made it to the Citadel, the ancient fortress that once served the realm.

It started off with the fall out from the conflict between the ranger and the rogue, which led to the dwarf and rogue signing a contract (basically a non-aggression pact). This was only enjoyable because the ranger and rogue are played by a husband and wife, so they were clearly comfortable playing the intense argument out.

Heading on to the Citadel was really a testament to the DM, building a sense of foreboding as we got closer and began to explore the rooms. We fought a chain devil that nearly killed Kaz, and then met a tressym (flying cat) that was actually the avatar of the consciousness that inhabits the fortress. Apparently mind flayers are invading the fortress in the hopes of taking the memories stored there.

Fighting the mind flayer thralls became a running theme as each memory we went into was threatened by increasing numbers of foes. Going back through the memories of what we discovered was really Damian, the father of vampires, we had the option to parlay with the elven queen to release Damian's true love. The elven queen requested we kill Rao, father of beasts. After nearly dying in combat with the mind flayer lurking near Rao's prison, we discovered that Rao was a werewolf. A BIG werewolf. Battling in the prison, we managed to contain him for the most part, although he was just so fast Kaz barely got an attack in - but by Thor, when he did! Four swings in one turn, three hits and one critical. He nearly killed me almost immediately after, but it was enough for the gunslinger to take the final shot as the wolf tried to flee.

We were running against time for most of the past few sessions, but I think we've reached a point in the story where the fate of the world comes before the fate of piddling nations. I realised something else - that I see the DM as the person who has read ahead in the book we're all experiencing, rather than someone making it all up.
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Going to update this quickly because I'm watching Vox Machina battle Vecna.

The group reunited, and Kaz came face to face with his half-sister (!). We got some more offers on things to kill from the local lord, but we started to suspect that he was trying to get rid of us, and that he was hiding something, so we didn't agree immediately. I had the idea to head to the training grounds so we didn't have a discussion where we could be overheard, and also to beat the shit out of my dad.

Kaz confronted his father and sucker-punched him (getting a natural 20 on the roll thanks to inspiration from like, 4 sessions ago). In the arena, he proved he was the superior warrior, but I also showed him why Kaz is called "the Biter". I also learned that he only left Kaz's mother because the tribe was attacked and he assumed we were both dead. So there's that.

We met clandestinely with the ambassador from the magic colleges, and accepted her offer to investigate the former rebellion, as long as she could provide us transport back to the army so we could battle the CURRENT rebellion (I need a big flow chart for you guys). Unfortunately, because of all the murders (some of which we committed), the city was on lockdown, so we took the lord's offer to help him maintain order in the surrounding towns and immediately went in a different direction.

We rode hard for five days, before coming across a town where the guards were about to put down a riot. They were trying to draft a young man who had gone missing, and they believed the townsfolk were hiding him. The townsfolk claimed the man had gone to 'the tower'. We went to the tower and managed to get inside, and then suddenly we were in a Rick and Morty episode. The pseudodragon form of Morty convinced us to get the tower key from the great warrior who has had a bad mating season, but we messed up the skill challenge and had to fight a massive fire elemental. Kaz was having none of that and slaughtered it pretty handily, eventually just blowing it out like a birthday candle.

That's where we took a break, so it'll be interesting next week when the gunslinger suddenly shows up again.
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I'm getting later and later with these, and I really need to get back on track with them.

With only three players this week, I was expecting something pretty quiet. That was... kind of the case. Getting called before the ruler and his generals, Kaz came face to face with someone who is pretty clearly his father. This provoked feelings. I'm going to have to figure out what I want Kaz to do with this information.

Anyway, we managed to talk our way into NOT getting killed for killing the paladin (lenient DM FTW), as long as we found the creatures that really had been murdering people. We were given an NPC associate, who was essentially a placeholding fop until the rest of the group gets back, to assist us, and we ditched him pretty quickly when we were offered a clandestine meeting with another group.

Our DM is great at giving us so many options and quest hooks and potential plot lines, but a LOT of them are either/or situations, and we tend to bite at whatever is in front of us, rather than what we're MEANT to be doing.

This new group wanted us to check out an old fortress that used to be the seat of power in the land, until a rebellion led to it being abandoned. This rebellion claimed the life of the ambassador of this group, so they want proof the ambassador was murdered. I honestly can't remember if we agreed or not - I know Kaz was in, since he wants to get the frak out of the city where his dad is and where his best friend died. But before we left we really had to clear our names, so we headed off to a graveyard, where lo and behold, there was a crypt that led to the sewers.

We foolishly started wandering through the sewers and immediately got jumped by three vampires. I thought we were screwed, the cleric was ready to die heroically, but in the process of running away, we actually managed to kill two of the critters. Yay, victory! We also now had proof of the real murderers, so we took that back to the rulers and had our names cleared.

We've been given lodgings at the house of a noble, and no doubt we'll head towards the front of the current rebellion pretty soon. Pretty sure Kaz is going to punch his dad out, once he realises he's his dad.
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I'm sorry there's been a delay in updates - since I know you're all hanging out for this stuff.

So we got our cleric back. The wraith wasn't too difficult, but oh my fucking gods - those zombie critters. Half the party ended up paralysed by them, and in the end, my buddy the monk was devoured by them, moments before the cleric made it there to save us. (The monk's player took it REALLY well - the corpse hadn't even stopped moving before he whipped out his new character sheet). Kaz is going to take this really hard, especially since he should have been there to save him.

So, after we did kill the creatures, we took a rest and met our new party member - a rogue/barbarian goliath named Raven. We also discovered a secret chamber with open graves, and decided to go and wait for the creatures to come back. Unfortunately, we ran into some city guards who had been hunting the sewers for us, and after some discussion, we decided to turn ourselves in and make statements in our defence. Thankfully, our answers seemed to satisfy the Law, but our gunslinger ended up under arrest for some other crime, and the goliath and ranger (unknown to the authorities yet) snuck away, which worked out nicely because all three players will be away next week.

I've got some interesting things planned for Kaz now - I want him to process the grief of losing his best friend appropriately; by killing things. First, he'll deny anything is wrong. Then, he'll get angry at inopportune times and cause more problems for the group. Then, he'll try to force the cleric to bring the monk back to life. Finally, I'll retire the character for a little while, sending him off to find himself as part orc and play a back up. Once I'm satisfied, I'll bring Kaz back and his next level will be barbarian.

It's gonna be awesome!
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I don't know why, but I felt off this week. I think everyone else in the group was a little more on the action focus and I was thinking a little more plot-based and trying to keep what I knew and Kaz knew separate. Apologies if anyone from the group finds this and thinks different.

Anyway, our cleric was sick and so was the warlock who got us into the massive fight last week. The captain of the guard told us to 'Fly, you fools!' And we did - into the sewers. We immediately took a nap. Wandering around the sewers, we came across a wraith and a really creepy wall full of dead bodies. Somehow, no one made a "everything floats down here" reference. We probably didn't NEED to kill the wraith, but we did. After spending too long trying to figure out what was up with this wall, we decided to risk leaving the sewers, and discovered that there was a house directly above the wall with the dead bodies.

Going into the house, we heard some noises and got attacked by another wraith. Moving around the house we realised there were a bunch of bronze weapons and also lycanthropes. The lycanthropes legged it after a couple of hits, and the wraith was doing hit and run attacks (I loathe haunted houses now). Then we found five statues, that needed to hold five weapons. That's cool, but there's only four of us, and we've only found four weapons - and we only picked up three. We kept looking and we found the last weapon! Hurrah! But as soon as we did, there were some utterly creepy body horror zombies coming out of nowhere! Boo! Kaz raced for the last weapon, (which of course was downstairs), while everyone else tried to hold off the zombies. Kaz landed at the base of the stairs with a crash, looked up, and THERE'S THE FUCKING WRAITH AGAIN, standing between me and the last weapon.

And that's where we had to end, so REALLY hoping we get our cleric back next week, because we need that holy smiting.
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Sometimes, a four hour battle session just feels epic, even if the battle itself was relatively minor.

So, as a group, we showed up at the morgue to interrogate the murder victims into what killed them. Out of game knowledge, it was probably vampires, but in-game I got a few laughs with Kaz using his greataxe as an undead detector.

Leaving the morgue, we were going to find the captain of the guard and tell him what we'd learned (and I intended to ask him to pay us to head into the sewers and find whatever has been killing people). However, we saw a bunch of people running towards a square, and they seemed excited, so we followed. When we got there, we saw a stage with three men tied to pyres and a paladin there about to set the torch. Oh yeah, turns out it was the warlock's ex-husband - the one she sold her soul to bring back from the dead, who then called her a monster and tried to kill her. Through magic and other means, we stopped him from killing the prisoners, who were actually werewolves, and it sort of turned into a brawl after that.

The ranger, cleric and gunslinger tried to sway the guards to our side. The warlock tried to angle for a good shot with a spell - the monk and I just waded in. The monk was going for the kill on Robert the Paladin, whereas I was just trying to get the guards off the monk's back - non-lethally. It was pretty awesome to take out a guard a turn, but this paladin - damn, did he have some power backing him up. Once he felled the monk, that was it, Kaz wanted to take him down.

Eventually, the warlock played her hand and the paladin spotted her and tried to kill her. After that, everyone got involved - the gunslinger nailed him with snipe shot, the cleric healed the monk and me to get us back in the fight, and with us all together, we finally killed him, the warlock laying the final blow.

We ended there and no idea what's going to happen next!
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Another roleplay heavy session, but I was a bit more prepared this time.

Last time we were given the choice of taking our reward and getting a job to deal with a local issue, or forgoing the reward in favour of being teleported wherever we wanted to go. We soon learned that the person offering this deal was a lamia (like a centaur but with a lion body instead of a horse), and over Kaz's protestations, we decided to teleport to the city of Sigrad to look into the rebellion there.

We got a new player, a ranger called Rook, and Kaz was able to impress her with a magic trick he totally learned and definitely wasn't a gag at all. We weren't in Sigrad too long before we were summoned by the people who hired us to come here - the same people who we discovered had gotten us suspected of murder. We asked around and got some other rumours - there's a troll around somewhere called Old Ned. I wanted to investigate that, but we ended up going to see our "employers".

That didn't turn out well. Kaz and the warlock were both magicked into thinking these two creatures were our best friends, and the cleric wasn't able to threaten them into backing down. The monk freaked out and doesn't trust ANYONE anymore and keeps picking fights with the gunslinger. The poor ranger doesn't know what to think any more.

Anyway, we went out shopping for new threads so we could make it to the ball and get contacts to take us to the area that the rebellion is focussed on, and on the way back, we heard a scream. Running towards it (naturally), we found a body with its throat torn out. The city guard soon arrived and we eventually managed to convince them to let us use divine magic to speak with the corpse. It looks like this has been happening a few times.

We ended the session there - another game where I didn't roll an attack dice, but I got an inspiration die for the magic trick, so that was fun.
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This was a "move the plot along" week, which was both good and bad. It was good because it means we'll have new things to do etc, but bad because it means I have to think some more about where I want Kaz to go.

Picking up where we left off, the warlock and cleric had a conversation with the Big Bad, Meruzhaan, which I was very glad Kaz wasn't in the room for, because he'd have said something stupid and caused problems. After resting, (and the warlock picking up a faerie dragon familiar) we headed out of the caves and found the entire war camp deserted - it seemed like the armies had pitched camp and marched on the city of Shinka - with a dragon leading them.

We set off after them, and travelled a day or so when we came across a massive swathe of burned earth - like razed to glass. Everyone was dead - orcs, humans, kobolds, everyone. Some quick math on my part made me realise that this was probably how far the army had gotten when we destroyed the horn controlling the massive brass dragon, and once he was free, he wreaked his vengeance. I was a little disappointed because Kaz had hoped that some of the orcs might have made it out, but no such luck. We waited around and were lucky enough that the dragon came back and we had a bit of a conversation with him (he was quite friendly now).

We continued on to Shinka, where we were welcomed with glorious praise as vanquishers of the army, and set up with accomodations in the fancy pants part of the city. We were all given complimentary drinks (which Kaz promptly stole, then gave back to the dwarf so the dwarf would owe me drinks later). While the warlock and monk wandered around getting some jewellry, Kaz drank and the dwarf ran into the lawyer/bard we used to run with. We all met up with him in a private gallery where he revealed we were wanted for murder.

Apparently, back in Drajin, we asked to speak with the spymaster of the ruling family, and that spymaster later showed up dead. EXCEPT we thought we HAD met with the spymasters - who, looking back on it, were DEFINITELY vampires, and the dwarf totally got played by them. Anyway, the lawyer/bard is the new spymaster, and we have new foes!

That became even more apparent when we were being escorted to see the Commissioner of Shinka and the dwarf got shivved by a rogue, nearly killing him with one hit. The monk and warlock took off after the assassin, leaving Kaz to try and save the healer. Good thing I've been hoarding healing potions since FOREVER. They caught up to the killer and he exploded himself for the dragon god, which sounds bad.

We weren't happy and made our displeasure known to the Commissioner, who offered us work, or a teleportation service to anywhere in the world. We ended the session there (since we were missing a player) and thought it would be best to make the decision together.

Interesting to note that this was the first session that I haven't rolled an attack dice.
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Thirteen sessions - unlucky for some, I suppose.

We made it out of the caves! Finally.

The "incident" with the warlock and the monk was sort of glossed over, thanks to Modify Memory, and Kaz is choosing to believe the problem is settled. The joys of Chaotic Neutral - if it doesn't directly affect me, it can be safely ignored. The monk player really sold it too, which made for some awesome funny moments.

Anyway, before we started off, Kaz tried to convince the orog with us that the best use of the humans we rescued was to clear the way of traps, but unfortunately I couldn't convince the dwarf cleric so we've still got them hanging around.

It also turned out that we'd been misreading the map in our heads, so the DM set us straight and we followed the path less travelled - and ended up in the cavern with the roper - again. Rather than fight, we decided to sneak past it, which worked fine, until the warlock decided to take a parting shot at it. And that led to a massive fight, with Kaz being pretty awesome and finishing the beast.

(For reference, a roper looks just like a stalactite - right up until you get close and then a horrible mouth opens and tentacles grab you and pull you in).

So we finally found the exit, but the dwarf and I convinced the others that we had to go back to where we fought the dragon - the dwarf wanted to destroy the horn controlling the dragon, and I wanted to save Gundark. We got into the room with the invisible walls, and it looks like someone has been raising the dead again, because the baby blue dragons were back, but now undead clockwork monsters. About midway through the battle with them, the evil gnome illusionist showed up and tried to make things worse for us (and the DM suddenly realised that his NPC build was too strong for us to actually overcome). Funnily, the monk decided that a better option would be to dash out of the room and make a break for the horn to summon the dragon - and that freaked the illusionist out. We all barrelled after them, but when the gnome realised the monk had got to the horn first, she bamfed out, crying that we had ruined everything (seriously, this should be our motto).

Our looting commenced and we discovered that Gundark was dead (sad) but Kaz got back the head of the half-dragon (happy). We still have to get through the desert and continue our journey - this side quest took about two weeks longer than the DM thought it would, and I don't think we're getting paid for any of the stuff we did (EVEN THOUGH KAZ HAS THE ROTTING HEAD AS PROOF).
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Cut for swearing )

I'm still really enjoying the game, and each encounter is a real challenge. A few times I've thought, yeah, THIS time Kaz is going to die, I better roll up that dwarf necromancer I've been thinking about, but I still make it through. I'm becoming good friends with the rest of the group too, which is really the reason I wanted to start playing D&D - we went out for drinks for the dwarf player's birthday and while we still just talked D&D all night, it was fun to be social in another situation and find out that they get along with me in another context. I'm feeling better about a lot of things lately, but I may have to skip a session in a week or so, and that's stressing me that it might stress me (stupid brain).

oh well, I still have my personal D&D maps and adventures to plan.
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This will be a really quick recap because nothing major happened.

We woke up in a pit. Managed to break out and utterly slaughter the kobolds set to watch us. We freed some orc captives and learned that despite defeating the half-dragon, he apparently wasn't dead? And the orc leader (MY BROTHER!) was now under arrest. So I guess we're killing the half-dragon again.

We got our stuff back, sans my dragon-slaying sword, and found the prison cells where the humans we originally came to rescue were being held (oh yeah, them). We killed all the guards there too (I love my new two attacks per turn) and carried on to the drake breeding grounds, where we killed a bunch of drakes.

There endeth the session.
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Session 10, you guys, double digits!

We basically started right from where we left off, standing over the corpse of a massive half-dragon. We decided we didn't really have time to rest (no level five goodies yet :( ), and pushed on through the door the half-dragon came from.

We found a kobold looking into what seemed to be a magic mirror and we violently interrogated him. The dwarf and the warlock got a bit distracted with the shiny mirror and the kobold got free of Kaz's grip, so we killed him. The mirror also had a riddle which everyone else seemed to get stumped on, which left Kaz to get right. Unfortunately, that gave him an image of his father, which he LOATHED, so that put him in a foul mood, further enhanced when he lost his "magic" rock to a gelatinous cube. Sure, he got a magic dragon-slaying sword out of it, but MAGIC ROCK, you guys! (I had plans for that rock.)

That got us a short rest, and we pressed onward. We still had to find whoever was controlling the massive dragon, and it was really only a matter of time before the kobold army figured out we were here. We found a room with an invisible maze, containing a couple of small dragons. Kaz figured out that if you make the dragons bleed, you can see where the walls are.

After defeating the mini-dragons and the cultist controlling them, we REALLY needed a long rest but that wasn't to be. The dragon-master Ashani arrived as an illusion (hologram?) and demanded we follow her, blocking our exit. We did so and BAM! There's that dragon we've been trying to avoid the whole time. It was clearly controlled by magic, so we tried breaking the enchantment (with our words) which didn't go so well. At the end of the session we were all unconscious and at the dragon's mercy.

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So drained after a 12+ hour session yesterday, but it was SOOOO worth it! First, session 8.

Session 8
We set out through the desert, trying to follow the army that had decimated the town. We fell foul of a fire elemental, but fortunately the nifty "decanter of infinite water" that the DM had given us made short work of it. And soon after we got hit by a sandstorm, which we managed to survive, but lost the trail. we had three options of where to go next, and decided to investigate the plume of smoke which turned out to be an oasis with three orc scouts. Some discussion with them led to a temporary alliance to gain us access to the army's camp, and the orcs were basically epically bad-ass, so Kaz developed a man(orc?)-crush on the leader, Ovak.

On reaching the camp, my monk buddy failed a couple of checks to pretend to be a prisoner, and well, there was violence. Ovak lost an eye. With all the guards dead, we ended the session.

Session 9
This was such a relaxed session. There was no pressure to move the story along or get through combat before the games store closed, so we could talk tactics, and go off topic and just generally have a bit more fun than usual.

Getting through the army, we reached the orc section and well, Ovak basically sold us out. Such betrayal!! Kaz was heartbroken. Turns out we were just the bargaining chip to get Ovak in to see the war chief so he could attempt a coup. Thankfully, the orc shaman had other plans, and sent us to the cells. We didn't like that, so we slaughtered our guards and waited to see what would happen next.

When the shaman turned up, she revealed Ovak was dead. Huzzah! She also offered us a deal - get the jawbone of an ancient orc warlord from his tomb and she'd put in a good word with the war chief. This would splinter the army too, as the war chief would be able to break away from them. We readily accepted. Off we went, after some shenanigans trying to figure out how to use the lizards orcs use as mounts. We found the tomb no problems, but were nearly wiped out by the spiders in the entryway (thanks to some REALLY bad rolls), but thankfully my monk buddy showed up in the nick of time and saved the lot of us.

Making our way deeper into the tomb complex, we made a split second decision to go right instead of left and apparently made the correct choice, because while there WERE more spiders, it brought us to the tomb in the best possible location. The tomb was now inhabited by a drider, who we tried to make a deal with, but who eventually got fed up with our questions and attacked. Kaz nearly died a couple of times, but we finally prevailed, retrieving the jawbone (and upgrading some of our equipment, including my monk buddy getting an awesome godly lightning-javelin).

The trip back to camp was uneventful, but due to a miscommunication (both in-character and out-), the monk nearly gave the game away at the army gate again. Some quick thinking from him (and AMAZING dice rolls) meant we got through, and we realised we were going to have murder all the guards. Again. The warlock came up with a plan to charm the guard captain to walk out into the desert. It worked perfectly, until she came up against kobolds, and she doesn't speak draconic... More SUPER lucky dice rolls and what the hell the crazy ass stupid plan worked!!

We kept going to the orc encampment and delivered the jawbone, although Kaz stared down the orc war chief, which was super intense and SO MUCH FUN, with me and the DM roaring at each other about honour and strength and what makes an orc, which probably also nearly got us killed. It was super cool and got me 25 XP later. Anyway, Kaz got called brother by the war chief, which is a HUGE DEAL for him, since he's never felt like a "real" orc and now might have a place to be who he should be. Kaz's future is still all over the place. Basically he pledged loyalty to the war chief - provided the war chief can weld the orcs together and give them a chance to live as they once did.

With the orcs on our side, we had a chance to get into the kobold camp, which meant we had our shot of assassinating the half-dragon general. Got in, no problems. Met the aide-de-camp, no problems. Found the general's secretary (a faerie dragon) and utterly failed the creature's riddle. We were only spared because the general showed up, and the battle was on. It was suitably epic, with Kaz going toe to toe with the general the whole time, but the dwarf cleric, who spent most of the battle picking himself up, and had been smacked down by the general before, managed to land the killing blow.

This was such a great day. I can't wait for the next session on Thursday.
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Last session ended with a town under attack, and this session we made our way through the town to the keep. The last few sessions I have been rolling REALLY badly in combat, and this session more than made up for it. Two critical hits, absolutely slaughtering the drakes and kobolds in our way, so I got two "How do you want to do this" and almost absently shot the final kobold as he was fleeing.

We ended up in the keep, coming up through the sewers in the prison. We went to see the administrator of the keep and learned that the place was going to get overrun pretty quickly if the kobold army attacked, since there were also groups of mercenary humans and orc tribes attacking as well. As we were discussing our options, Rashk, the leader of the army and a MASSIVE half-dragon, called out a challenge for a champion. Our dwarf cleric answered him, but the gunslinger wasn't so sure. While they debated our options, Kaz decided to take the matter into my own hands and just started down to fight Rashk. (I'm particularly proud of this bit - the cleric and the gunslinger are good tacticians, but the DM had been clearly trying to build up some tension and sense of urgency, what with hostages and a dragon overhead, so I made myself a rule, that if they could come to a definite decision within 60 seconds, I'd follow their lead, but they were still hemming and hawing after that.)

Anyway, we got onto the drawbridge and the cleric started out, with me and the monk at his side. Rashk seemed to want to fight us one on one, which I was fine with. The cleric got out there first and after a bit of discussion, took a swing at Rashk. The monk joined in, which Rashk saw as dishonourable, so five hostages (out of 20) died. Rashk then KOed both of our guys in one round. I decided to step up then and take him on, but the monk was bleeding out, and Rashk seemed to think the battle was over. He killed five more hostages and left. I dragged our party members to safety and called insults after Rashk.

So, we've now been hired to enact vengeance for the town on the kobold army and the half-dragon. We interrogated a captured orc, and Kaz and him have a bit of a friendship now, so we know a bit more about the different factions in the army.

There are two sessions next week - one at the regular time and then another huge one on the weekend, so we should get through quite a bit of story. Our DM is running another group in the same world, and using the same intro adventure that I arrived at the end of, so it's interesting hearing what other people do in the same situations.
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Probably the first session in a WHILE where we didn't end up ashamed of ourselves.

Turns out I have a dwarf's ear now. I'd been hoping Kaz would tear it off himself, but the thought was there.

Our new party member is a tiefling, or "human variant" in this setting, and part of her curse is that she needs to hide her true appearance, so every day she appears differently (think metamorphmagi), which confused Kaz for a while, but he figured it out.

While we waited for our cleric to show up, I convinced the others to return to the haunted house (so I could get the axe I left behind). I managed to get my axe, then set fire to the place as vengeance against the spirit within. During this, the cleric showed up and tried TALKING to the ghost, and it turns out we probably should have done that the first time. We got some plot info, then headed to visit the local lord and lady, and then we got to see Kaz at a formal dinner.

There was some more plot stuff that Kaz wasn't present for, but I took notes anyway. Since we were done in this town, we headed off on the next leg of our journey towards discovering the source of a rebellion. A few days of travelling and we came across a dwarf and a gnome arguing. The gnome's cattle had been getting petrified, but the dwarf refused to help. Kaz was bored of just walking, so he wanted something to fight. We made a bet with the dwarf that the gnome wasn't just crazy and went to check out what was going on. We made pretty quick work of the cockatrice, and took back a leg to the dwarf as proof. Kaz then had it cooked and eaten (because it looked kind of like a chicken).

We continued on, and on reaching our destination, discovered it was under attack from a dragon. We saved a family under attack of lizard-like humanoids and tortured the only survivor of our battle. We promised to help get the family to the local keep, and that's where we ended the session.

Other bits of note were when I got the HDYWTDT on the chief lizardperson and smashed his nose out the back of his skull (still not sure if they're kobolds or not), and noting that Kaz now has a "things I have eaten" list to go with his "things I've killed" list (which now includes a house).
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Late update is late (and short).

I was a bit of a fail in this session, since I had to leave early and being self-centred, I forgot to tell the rest of the group until right when I had to go (although I had told the DM the week before). I don't think it was a huge thing, but it just made me feel stupid that I hadn't thought to do it earlier so people would have been ready.

Anyway, the entire session was in a fighting pit where I beat down on of our muggers while the rest of the group watched and found different ways to lend support. Apparently after I left, they took someone's ear off, which is perfect for my Kaz.
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Following on from the ridiculousness of last week, we were down to three players. It was me, a gun slinger and the vampire lawyer putting in an appearance. We were hired to protect a noble from someone following him, figured it was an easy deal, and then got mugged on the way to his house.

This is probably the most shameful thing for Kaz the Biter. Kaz likes his stuff. He was already mad that they left his hand axe in the haunted house from last week (which he fully intends to burn down later), and then some racist half-elf hits him in the head with a rock, and THEN he gets beaten up and half his weapons get stolen... it was a sad day for Kaz. Thankfully, he found the "magic" rock that hit him and this is now his secret weapon.

Trying to investigate the thieves turned up nothing, so we headed to protect the noble for the night. It went really well until the revenant busted in the back door, paralysed us with fear, stomped upstairs and killed our employer. The others seemed worried about this, but Kaz made it look like it was a break in and we looted the place before leaving. Wooo Chaotic Neutral!
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Another D&D update - this is the first time that I as a player have been incredibly uncomfortable with something my character would be fine with. The problems of playing a Chaotic Neutral half-orc with a bad childhood are that things that squick me are things he'd happily stand back and watch.

Other highlights of tonight's session were discovering that guns exist, a Scooby Doo re-enactment in a haunted house, and my half-orc hacking his way through a wall after a vengeful spirit and yelling "Heeeere's Johnny!" Seeing the monk get thrown through three different windows was hilarious too.

I really love where this game is going, but I think I need to think more about where I want my character to go.


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