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Fandoms involved: Almost Heroes, Arrested Development, Die Hard, Firefly, Josie and the Pussycats, The Losers, Sky High, Thor

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Following on from the ridiculousness of last week, we were down to three players. It was me, a gun slinger and the vampire lawyer putting in an appearance. We were hired to protect a noble from someone following him, figured it was an easy deal, and then got mugged on the way to his house.

This is probably the most shameful thing for Kaz the Biter. Kaz likes his stuff. He was already mad that they left his hand axe in the haunted house from last week (which he fully intends to burn down later), and then some racist half-elf hits him in the head with a rock, and THEN he gets beaten up and half his weapons get stolen... it was a sad day for Kaz. Thankfully, he found the "magic" rock that hit him and this is now his secret weapon.

Trying to investigate the thieves turned up nothing, so we headed to protect the noble for the night. It went really well until the revenant busted in the back door, paralysed us with fear, stomped upstairs and killed our employer. The others seemed worried about this, but Kaz made it look like it was a break in and we looted the place before leaving. Wooo Chaotic Neutral!
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Another D&D update - this is the first time that I as a player have been incredibly uncomfortable with something my character would be fine with. The problems of playing a Chaotic Neutral half-orc with a bad childhood are that things that squick me are things he'd happily stand back and watch.

Other highlights of tonight's session were discovering that guns exist, a Scooby Doo re-enactment in a haunted house, and my half-orc hacking his way through a wall after a vengeful spirit and yelling "Heeeere's Johnny!" Seeing the monk get thrown through three different windows was hilarious too.

I really love where this game is going, but I think I need to think more about where I want my character to go.
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OK, so it's been a LOOOOOOONG time since I posted anything here that wasn't fanvid related but I think I'll start using it again - partly as a mental health thing and partly to chronicle my return to D&D. Last time I played D&D proper, I was in high school and that is so long ago I'd rather not think about it. I did have a short period where I was running a GURPS/Wheel of Time RPG mash up for some friends in uni, but that fizzled after four sessions or so.

I've been wanting to play D&D for about twelve months now, bought all the rulebooks, sourcebooks etc, just never had a group to play with. I tried setting up a session with some friends but that fell through because of scheduling. Thankfully, a local gaming store had a Facebook group that lets people post looking for new players so I just lurked around there until someone posted that they needed a new party member. I jumped at the chance.

I won't go into huge details about the game, or my character, because that's the kind of thing that if people don't ask, they probably don't want to know about it. In summary, I'm playing a half-orc fighter named Kaz the Biter (because he bites). He was used as a pit fighter by a bunch of hobgoblins for most of his life and he got VERY good at it. Imagine Joey Tribbiani crossed with Faith from Buffy.

1st session: Kaz and his monk buddy rock up into a town, get accosted by fantasy racism, and turned over to the care of the local adventurers. With the promise of violence, Kaz was convinced to join them. They were after someone called Soth, and maybe someone called Morgkarf? Honestly, there were a lot of names being thrown about. We wandered through an old mine, smashing through the undead. Kaz managed to seriously upset a wraith, but killed it anyway and took away an awesome axe. The session ended as we discovered a vampire's tomb and pushed the lid off the coffin.

2nd session: This was a mammoth one of nearly 8 hours. The vampire was a tough battle, most of which Kaz slept through, since he was incapacitated early on. There were a few more battles, and dark secrets were revealed, but eventually we found Soth, who was a necromancer on the verge of liche-dom. He didn't last long, as Kaz had been promised violence. Landing the killing blow feels amazing! We kept going a bit longer, but nothing of huge note occurred.

There's another session on Thursday again, and I'm really enjoying the group I'm playing with. We'll see where the story takes us, and whether Kaz ever finds a place where he can feel comfortable and needed.
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Title: Dumb Things
Song: Dumb Things by Paul Kelly
Vidder: [personal profile] talumin
Source: Firefly
Summary: A gift for [profile] littleheaven70 for Spring Equinox 2017 - Vids in Space
Format: mp4
Length: 2:30

Dumb Things (signed) from talumin on Vimeo.

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Title: Sky High Sidekicks
Song: The Anthem by Good Charlotte
Vidder: [personal profile] talumin
Source: Sky High
Summary: A gift for [profile] absternr for Festivids 2016
Format: mp4
Length: 2:34

Sky High Sidekicks - signed from talumin on Vimeo.

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Thank you for making this vid! I'm pretty laid back when it comes to what I receive, and the important part to me is that you make something that you like.

That being said, here's some suggestions if you're stuck: I usually like things that are upbeat or really play up the epicness of the source.

Galaxy Quest
While everything about this movie is fantastic, I'd really love something that shows Jason's journey from jerk to hero.

Jupiter Ascending
Chances are if you're offering this movie it's because you love it, so this is a chance to go nuts.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
Oof, my feels! Jyn and Cassian make my heart ache (well, the whole team does). This is a proper war movie, with loss and bitterness, and it'd be so cool to see a vid that draws that out.

Star Wars: Rebels
Hera and Kanan are the best parents their fractured little family could ever have. Alternatively, a vid that focused on Sabine would be greatly appreciated.

Star Trek: Alternate Original Series
If possible, I'd really like to see how Kirk, Spock, and Bones are the three aspects of the psyche, or just how great friends they become and work together as a team.

Space Dandy
He's a dandy guy - in Space. This is a show that's both wacky and zany. Anything that highlights the pure ridiculousness of Space Dandy (and his Space crew) appeals to me.
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Firstly, thank you, awesome Festividder! I have no doubt you're going to deliver an amazing gift, so thank you again in advance!

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Dear Festividder!

Thanks in advance for the awesome vid you're going to make!

I'm pretty eclectic in my music tastes, so I'll probably like whatever you choose. I prefer upbeat music with a quick tempo, but I'll be happy with something slow if it suits better.

Here's some further details on my fandom requests.

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Bodacious Space Pirates )
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Title: Bomb (water + fire)
Song: Bomb by Bush
Vidder: [personal profile] talumin
Source: William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet
Summary: A gift for [personal profile] milly for Festivids 2014
Format: mp4
Size: 68mb
Length: 3:14

Download from Mediafire here

Bomb (Water + Fire) from talumin on Vimeo.

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Dear Festividder,

You rock. )
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Title: Josie and the Pussycats is the Best Movie Ever
Song: All the Small Things - Blink 182
Vidder: [personal profile] talumin
Source: Josie and the Pussycats
Summary: A gift for [personal profile] shinealightonme for Festivids 2013
Format: mp4
Size: 21mb
Length: 2:02

Download from Mediafire here

JosieAndThePussyCatsIsTheBestMovieEver - signed from talumin on Vimeo.

Title: Dujour Means Comeback
Song: Backstreet's Back - Backstreet Boys
Vidder: [personal profile] talumin
Source: Josie and the Pussycats
Summary: A gift for [personal profile] shinealightonme for Festivids 2013
Format: mp4
Size: 31 mb
Length: 3:47

Download from Mediafire here

Dujour Means Comeback from talumin on Vimeo.

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I think I'm one of the eight people in the country who has seen D-War: Dragon Wars - possibly because you need to drink heavily before putting it into the DVD machine and most people don't have that kind of perseverance while drinking. Hell, I'm drunk while writing this. Trust me, if you're going to watch this movie, you need alcohol to get through.

Take a drink when the following occurs
The Smaug Rule: someone says 'dragon', 'serpent' or 'Imoogi'
The Straight Man Rule: you giggle when they say 'Imoogi'
The Scranton Rule: Craig Robinson shows up
The Bazooks Rule: a ninja army with dinosaurs appears out of nowhere
The 'Say My Name' Rule: someone says 'Sarah'
The Questionable Fashion Choice Rule: Ethan appears in a scene wearing a shirt that would get him rejected from a 70's fashion club
The Treat Yourself Rule: Retta shows up
The Faux Bilingual Rule: Ninja speaks Ninja-language
The Economic Suburban Revitalisation Program Rule: a giant serpent destroys a building
The Fated Rule: someone says 'destiny'

Finish your drink when the following occurs:
The Roadkill Rule: Ninja is hit by a car
The Dawntreader Rule: someone turns into a dragon

The 'What Is This I Have No Fucking Idea What's Happening' Rule: Drink until the plot makes sense (Warning - Talumin Enterprises takes no responsibility for alcohol poisoning incurred by invoking this rule)

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Because this is what I do now - a Starship Troopers drinking game.

Take a drink when one of the following occurs:
The Corps Do the Dying Rule: someone says 'Mobile Infantry'
The Anakin Skywalker Rule: someone loses a limb
The Redshirt Rule: a named character dies
The Hoo-aah Rule: someone says Roughnecks
The Bikini Atoll Rule: a nuke is set off

Drink continuously during the following:
The More You Know Rule: any PSA occurs
The Nipple Rule: the entire group shower scene

Finish your drink when you see a depressing parallel with politics of the early 21st Century.
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Here's a game to get you incredibly drunk while watching Pacific Rim.

Choose one of these and drink each time it occurs

This rule is big in Japan: Drink every time someone says 'Kaiju'

This rule is the bomb: Drink every time someone says 'Jaeger'

This rule rocks you like a hurricane: Every time someone mentions a kaiju category, take that number of drinks.
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Title: If You Want Blood
Song: 'If You Want Blood (You Got It)' by AC/DC
Vidder: [personal profile] talumin
Sources: The Losers
Summary: A festivids gift for Khaiell
Format: MP4
Size: 43mb
Length: 3:46

Download from Mediafire here.

If You Want Blood from talumin on Vimeo.

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Last year I made a prediction about what the top 25 grossing films would be of 2012. It was for a super secret vidding project that I have no realised would cost lots of money and time, so it's on the backburner.

It was still a fun way to predict what pop culture would see as big this year, so here are the results from last year's predictions. I'll include what they actually ranked, and which ones I missed as well. Surprisingly, it was not many. I also used only the US box office, because apparently that's all the studios look at - yes, I'm referring to John Carter and Battleship.

Predictability )
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Here's the rules for the Iron Man drinking game that we've been playing for New Year's Eve.

Drink once for:
- A fight scene
- Someone says 'Iron Man'
- Someone says 'Tony Stark'
- Someone dies
- Something explodes
- Somebody is watching a news report

Finish your drink:
- When Stan Lee is onscreen

Optional rules:

The Winterfell Rule
Drink every time someone says 'Stark' (WARNING: DO NOT COMBINE THIS WITH THE OTHER RULES)


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